FIRST AIPPI SPRING MEETING - 30 March 2023 - Venice

The first edition of the AIPPI Spring Meeting, on 30 March, will feature engaging workshops hosted by knowledgeable specialists, showcasing the latest trends and advancements in IP.


09:00 – 09:15   Introduction and Welcome Speech


09:15 – 10:15    Social Media & IP

This workshop gives insights into the absolutely critical role of IP in protecting creativity, innovation and success in the online world of fashion and luxury consumer goods.

Leader:  Beatrice Grifoni, Valentino


10:15 – 11:15   Divide and Conquer or Centralise the Empire: UPC Strategies in the Limelight

The launch of the UPC has led to the result that securing patent protection in Europe for innovation going forward will be far more complex than it ever used to be, with patent strategy and even enforcement considerations driving increasingly agile and nimble strategies.

Leader:  Pirke Fustinoni, Metso:Outotec


11:15 – 11:45    Coffee Break 


11:45 – 12:45    The Ins & Outs of Litigation Funding 

This workshop, led by an established litigation funder, explores the various challenges and benefits of third party funding of litigation.

Leader:  Kirstin Dodge, Nivalion AG


12:45 – 14:30    Standing Lunch 


14:30 - 15:30    Avoid the High Tides, for a Smooth Gondola Ride: University R&D Collaborations in Review

Collaboration between University and the Industry on Research and Development efforts is always on the agenda when one talks about innovation. This workshop discusses difficulties, potential pitfalls as well as areas of synergy in the collaboration between Universities and the Industry in their efforts to innovate and create value for academic work.

Leader:  Lorenzo Micacchi, University of Firenze


15:30 – 16:30    Global landscape of IP, Looking Forward to the Istanbul Congress 

With evolving regional and international regimes for IP protection, for example, the UPC/Unitary patent, IP protection for corporates in Turkiye is developing rapidly.  This workshop discusses ways for corporates in Turkiye to protect their creative and innovative work products in Europe and elsewhere, and touches on topics to be further explored in AIPPI’s Istanbul Congress in October 2023.

Leader:  Güler Ayyildiz Dalma, Arcelik


16:30 – 17:00    Closing  


17:00 – 19:00    Joint Cocktail Spring Meeting and Trilateral Meeting